From the recording the Forbidden Magic Music

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Produced by.....Popular Music Research
Words and Music by Victor Mason


When I wake up, I know I do.
I need no bell, no bean, no news
I open my eyes and see the truth.
And walk in the world with a melody in my brain...

I would look out to the west.
To see the Workdom and the Class
Everyone just standing there, so smug in their past.
Politicians love no one.
Virtual freedom sold to all.
Life exploited everywhere....
At Mother Nature's cost.
And You know what I mean...oh...oh..oh...oh

It doesn't matter what language you speak.
A smile is a smile a laugh is a laugh
A human global reality.
We all walk on beat with a melody in our brain....melody in our brains

I look out to the east
To see the lines drawn in the sand.
Holy babies cray and war.
While global peace is at hand.
Politicians (Love For God)
Is leaving blood stains on the floor.
The young evolving realize....
That hawk don't fly No More
And You know what I mean......Oh,..oh...oh,...oh

Wherever you live whatever you do
A kiss on the lips will cause you to "OOH"
A Mother a Father Son, Daughter We Do.
And love life the same, with a melody in our brain.....Melody in our Brain,,,Ah Ooo

When you look around you can see IT!
IT's everywhere...
Change is, just behind your eyes.....
Take awhile to stop---You can feel it.
IT"s in the air....
Life's Word, in our lungs is,...LOVE

It doesn't matter what prophet you preach.
What wisdom you learn, or scripture you teach.
It's always the Love the answer you reach.
That lives in each heart, with a melody in our brain.......Melody in our Brains
When I give up, I need a friend.
To help me up and start again.
Community You and me it's all the same.
WE all walk the street, with a melody in our brain.......Melody in our brain