From the recording the Forbidden Magic Music

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Produced by.....Project Modern Myth


Legends Of The Victor A, Mason

This is how we party, High above the City lights....
High rise,...Legends of the Night
Above the fear and flight of life,.We build, win and fight!
Where we dance, Metromance...I first seen your eyes.
Holding no surprise,....gazing into mine!
>>>>>(choures)<<<<<{Where you dance, Metromance==I take you where you dance, Metromance}}}}


On you played, my default emotions.
Mine all mine,...let me make you tonight
I can not be denied....That body on fire.
Ive seen your diamonds,..smelled your Pierre Dinand......Been in that fast car you drive!
Seen your dreams sparkle in your eyes.....Baby I'm your kind!
RAP?}smiles and styles of fate we seem to navigate from blue-collar assets to pinstripe and lace, the glitter swamps and alleys of the concrete jungle..... a Beautiful Mind is a terrible thing to taste.
You got more boyfriends than a Kelly Rippa
Without a scratch or a Mark!
Pay your own way to play, that's you style
Come on with me girl,lets be stars!
Come on, come on,come on,come on,
Into the Night we will Shine!
Come on, come on, come on, come on,....
Lets come together, hook it up, live for. pleasure Tonight!

This is how we party High above the City Lights
High rise,...Legends of the Night
Above the fear and flight of life
We make fun all Night!..All night, all night
Above the fear and flight!
Open your eyes and be the prize
Above the fear and flight!
And now the time has come
And we must become as one
High above and down below
oh yeah!