1. Tales 2 Tell

From the recording the Forbidden Magic Music

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Tales 2 Tell........by Victor A. Masom
Like a diamond in the ruff
has no brilliance till it's cut
We survive life's paradigm from line 2 line
In our hearts, where we walk
lonely lovers out for luck
Headlines streetlines we all have our little stories to tell....Lovers do have tales 2 tell
Annals of fate and love's desire!
When I found you
my world was blue
and love was pride and time
I slaved my heart
and played the part
in glitter glitter gold and lies.......
You've taken just as much as you can.
Time for someone to be
the muse of the muse if he can

Like the time when we first met
I was soaked and you all wet.
Rainy night sometimes hide tears searching will provide......
Now the time for us has come
cause we both have found someone
In each others eyes despite the lies of life we lead,..And tales we promise not to tell.
Lovers secrets in the fire!
When I found you
the world was new
and love became alive.
You saved my heart
a brand new start
you gave into my life......
They say where the heart is home.
But we both found-out two hearts can fall apart
in the same room.

And I know, I know you been hearing that,..That love on the side you been doing is no good,..with me! And baby, I know you dont listen to them but it hurts anyway what they say cause,..they'er your folks, and you love them just the same! But baby look out!......They don't know you like you know me deep down inside
Where the love is hiding!
Here, now I am
They'll never understand
Lovers and friends never like the end when fate
takes a hand

​True love found you and found me 2
and filled our days and nights​
Two souls alone, become with love
Now 2 divided into one