KNOW AND FLOW....here are a few films about issues and subjects we may not dwell upon so much, but still are very important to the fabric of our existence together!

The Evolverling)|( Here in the 21st Century WE have the ability to harness energy from the Sun and air and seas, enough to warm and provide for All humans being on this planet Also through innovation and cooperation WE produce and cultivate foods enough to feed everyone many times . So much so and so fast that where greed is exceeded and beyond profit! So we throw food away by the tons. Here in this 21st century our devices enable us all to communicate and unify all over world with whomever we choose and to bring our ideas and aspirations into reality..Actually if you look at the facts of history we have evolved past or animal fears of "survival".. And even strife is commercially relevant and-subjective to the point of good drama on television shows and entertainment between explosions in our movies..And yet our culture still focuses upon making weapons! The weapons Industry is more powerful than all others over our societies,....why and what for.....CHANGES IS JUST BEHIND YOUR EYES