It is said that MUSIC first started through clapping and vocalization at prehistoric man’s attempt to mimic lightning strike to a tree which caught fire, from the sky and thunder they heard from above, and in this way commune with G.O.D..  From thereon, tribal humanimalkind with each knowing and discovery of Nature, it’s works and ways of Fate,..with came each it’s own sound and/or gesture, made descriptive for both form and feeling. DANCE-LANGUAGE-MUSIC. This Humanivesal phenomena is a commonality throughout the world and indigenous to EVERY tribe of HumaLife…Before...Now......and Forever, BEFOREVERNOW.


Hello, Beloveoid Creations.....My name is Victor A. Mason, I am a near senior Organist/Composer/Truth Warrior from the future, BEFOREVERNOW 
I have been trans-incarnated into this life and times to find and release the S.H.E.* element in the world.  Along the way I have studied and learned the ways of Man and Romance to these times. And in order to complete my task, I have lived through my being a Musician and my associations and fellowship with the talented Musicians and Artists, that I hold dear to my heart and my experience....I have performed as an organist/keyboardist with the original "MOTELS featuring Martha Davis"  "The VALKAYS' featuring Lisa Hogan" and as the Organist/"bubbler"for the 8 piece Reggae band "PHONE BILL",.....tour back-up Dub Orchestra for Reggae Artists Greats......"GREGORY ISAACS" and....The MIGHTY DIAMONDS  
I have also been a founding member and or co-writer/core performer with "VINCE BLACK and CRUCIAL.
These are just some of the groups I have performed with and written music for over the years.  Now, I have formed a Cooperative music and production group__(POPULAR MUSIC RESEARCH)..And a network of creative assets that include Recording Facilities| RadioMetatron and Blue FireHouse LTD studios|...And I write and perform with the groups of the Revelation House Music Foundation-{ Project MODERN MYTH,  the THEORY CORPORATION, and as VAM