1. Real Life
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Words & Music by VAM for Popular.Music.Research~Productions
Recorded by RadioMetatron


by/of VAM

I remember one friday night.
And my Mother, she, she came to me....She took me downstairs into the kitchen and we sat down.
And she looked into my eyes and she spoke to me......
She said Son, You'er living your life too fast!!
Boy,..Your only 17!!...You need to take your time for now, have something
left to do when you'er Old, like me.

But I was too hardheaded to get helped out.
That's how we make-up-believe in Real Life

Sure enough just a few years later my Mother's words they came to me.
I was flying high, and the Band was doing fine back in 1999.
There with everything,..I took to my favor.
I said easy come, easy go whatever.
Fueling dreams, over practical ways and means can leave you in the streets.

Took me long enough to figure out!
Just what it means to make up a Real Life.

I like my homespun Sistars when they'er,..Having Fun>
Life ain't large enough not to get their heads wrapped tight, without their
toenails done
I like to fan the flames of beauty.
Tell them All, that their the One.
Come here Baby.
You would like to have me on your side right now, if ya knew what you want.

But that's the question ain't it!

What ya gonna want from me?
Do you work or have a job?
Should I want to take the chance?
Do you wanna drive my car?'
Just because you think is right
Doesn't mean ya gonna,gonna spend the night.
And should I really want to meet your friends?
All those children and pets and things
Next you'll want to get a diamond Ring!
Bling-and-Lace and a pinstripe dream.
Spends my dollars and sell me free
Call me lover you don't even know me
Make me Holla oh God, what's next!!
Should I run for heaven or hold my breath.

My Mother's words make common sense to me Now!

That's what we make-up-believe-in-Real Life

I want to say it to you now.
Your Life...can only go so far.
Wasted on hype from what you really are
That's what it takes to make up a Real Life
I want to tell it to you
I Know...I've taken up my prayers.
Once to God before......

~(Soul on the scene, and karma prevails
And you will re-live-it to take up you prayers and you'll be forgiven
And karma prevails and you will re-live-it to take up you prayers
And you'll be forgiven