1. Ready 4 Love

From the recording READY 4 LOVE

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Words and Music written and Produced by Victor A. Mason for Popular Music Research/RadioMetatron Productions.
Performed by Project MODERN MYTH



I'm picking up my paycheck, going to the bank,
then I'm gonna get my hair cut. .run over to Macy's get some smell good and a New Fit.
__I'm getting ready for love___
i GOT A SPECIAL DATE TONIGHT. Love is my new kick. No time for hangin with the fellas and that dumb-shit!
....I'm getting ready for love...
I got a date with a Queen.
She calls me her King and wherever we go, we make show everybody know,..what that mean!
....I'm getting ready for love....Ya Ya Ya.
She's a classy lassie, a little bit sassy.
Tease me, freeze me, take my breath away nasty.
And I'm the kind of type she like!
....I'm getting ready for love....Ya,Ya,Ya,
Takes me home when I ask her.
She's the Art I'm looking after
Help me!!
....I'm getting ready for love....Ya,Ya,Ya,
I'm on a special occasion. A little persuasion, champagne dinner for two, under candle lite,...giving her giggles and smiles tonight!
....I'm getting ready for love....Ya,Ya,Ya,
And when she say lets go maybe, I go a little crazy.
Thinking how she gonna make me holla "Oh Baby!!"...
But y'all don't know what I'm talking about!
....I'm getting ready for love....Ya,Ya,Ya,

I seen the Light
It's no Surprise
Easy come. Easy go. Leaves nothing to show
Love's the most you get from life.
And gonna get all I can get!!

I don't mind when she gets mad at me.
Cause she's the woman I can trust to say..
....Oh Baby Lets Not Carry On This Way....
She dont worry about the small stuff.
She's that girl, wants a partner when the going gets tough!
....Together We Are Better That's What She Say....
She don't mind when I get a Little crazy
She just wants to be my Lady
Let there be no doubt about it,..Tonight I'm gonna put a Ring on it!!

I seen the light
The time it's right
East come. Easy go. Leaves nothing to show.
Love's the most you get from life
And she's giving me the best of her Life!
The least I can do is make her her my Wife!

Find some cool and quiet corner.
Romantic fit the spell, then I'm gonna put it on her...."Will YOU be mine for Life"?
To hold and trust and to honor,
what more to a friend can a man from his heart offer!!
....I getting ready for love...
I need to believe her. Support her dreams. And perceiver her.
And when I look tonight in her eyes
She' the woman that I know I can say.......

I see the light the light
In her brown eyes
Every day, Every night. A chance to do right
Love's the most you get from life......
And I know she's the one for me.
So I'm Gonna put a RING on it!!
Take her home , where she want

She's The Woman That I Want!--(repeat)

Words and Music by Victor A. Mason