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A PMR Production
Words and Music by Victor A. Mason
Recorded @ RadioMetatron



.:| She's Fine!
Self made and full of surprise.
Just like a rose she's a sharp and beautiful girl
Softly warm in her world
She make the sunshine jealous of her smile
Bold and true is her style

When we're alone, every place is home and we,..
Slyly slip time
Where love can not hide
She is mine....
Lover, love me tonight
Love in a rosy disguise
Lover love me tonight
Body heart and mind honey you can have mine any ol'time.

You know---I'm talking about you
I know---I can't live without you
Like from the sky, let your love rain down on me.
Let me set your heart free
You've been around and around now it's time to sit down
Time for you to be found
I don't tell lies, and I know you like to smell,
Flowers at night
where love does not hide
We will find........
Lover, love me tonight
Love in a rosy disguise
Lover, love me tonight
Where two hearts are hiding
We will go and find true Love ......

You'er Fine
Sunshine, Love and Surprise
There's only one of a kind in this world and that's you
Baby,baby I love,..Tonight, we'll make it alright Sharing our love, like a miracle
No more hesitation,..only Loveration
And with the lights down low we'll get close and we'll
Slyly slip time
Where love can not hide
You'll be mine
Lover, love me tonight
{Take my heart and mind Baby you can have mine any ol'time