From the recording the Forbidden Magic Music

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Produced by Popular Music Research


Earth Sistar Victor A, Mason

There She was, on 6th street
In the drum circle dancing in her bare feet
Everybody around her was smileing__jumping__Laughing__shouting at her
dance Earth Sistar dance!!.....
So deep in that groove,..make that body move
dance Earth Sistar dance!!.....

She was a vision of rhythm in a long yellow dress
Body glistening in the sun
The beat was burning through the crowd like fire
from the drums,.
And then she looked up at me_and didadip
and smiled and I was shy in her
trance Earth Sistar dance!!...
Mystic in that groove, let your body move
dance Earth Sistar dance!!...

Well the sun was shining hot but not as bright,
as the smile on her face
She said, with me
and looked into my eyes,and suddenly to her,
I could Relate!
Who am I to question Fate.
Right then I knew I had to,
have you for my Lover Dancer
Hold this Moment of time
This dance of romance
In the hot summer sun
To the rhythm of my heart and drums

get moving, lets have some fun.
Get up and do what you feel
Fiesta!!..Smoke your groove On...Come on get ya some...
Cooking "Q"__Me and You__Pahpi, Granmaw
Everybody, come on party lets Dance!!
You and me IS a win win situation
On forever, ever since that day

Our Love__Was Made__To Stay__On That Day!
And like the drums my heart beats Love 4 U
Say you'll never dance away.
No doubt I know I have to
keep you my sweet Lover dancer
Hold this moment in Time
This dance of romance
Through the hot summer night
Make my heart the rhythm to your song and


Lets Dance__Romance__This Way__Everyday
Heartbeat to make me love you,...Every Way!
Your Imagination could desire
You know I'm gonna have to
Be you're inside Lover Dancer

​ Hold this moment in Time
Hold this dance of Romance​
​ Through the hot summer Night​
​This dance of Romance​,......Hold you through all Time........Close to me at Night