1. Family Songs

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Family Songs....by Victor A. Mason

Mama's in the kitchen
Papa's watching games on TV
Sipping on ice cold beer
Bouncing little sis on his knee
Me I'm only human
Just another summer's Sunday
Me my friends and major
Solders in the backyard we play

Ali Loves Kalali
He could love her all of his life
Gave her love a sun child
She was such a beautiful wife
Then one nite the bombs fell
Home and all they own blown away
All that's left is love now
Solders in the backyard don't play

Kerri had a rock band
The Offending Digits their name
They first rocked in high school
Jimmy her boyfriend played the bass
They got rich and famous
System tried to tare them apart
She was only Human
Now they play fo free in the park

Just another family love song yeah

T=boi"s in the kitchen
Cook'in up a batch of Oh Zees
Shorty loves her diamonds
T-boi is her only disease
Someday they will find him
Someday sure to come she wont like
Till then she will love him
That's the way we roll in this life

Just another family love song yrah

Fighting three wise men the same G.O.D.
each own's right to Heaven
Moma says it's love they forgot
They are only human
just another Family love song