1. The Way She Is

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writen and performed by Vicor A, Mason Produced....by Popular Music Research


The Way She Is...by Victor A. Mason

Oh I can hear it when they say her name
They think that she's crazy, say that she's not saine.
They don't know,..know her like I do.
If they did they'd love her, love her like I do.
She's alright.....She's OK
But they just go,.on and on and on about the way,...she is
And all the time they miss out on all, That she has to give....She's alright
The way she is.

She steps out, in patent leather boots.
Poka--dot red dress, purple eye rouge'
She's a woman of her own means
Cross her, and she'll curse you but she's never mean.
She's alright,...She's OK!
And they just go,..On and on and on about the way,..she is.
And all the time they miss out on all, that she has to give.....She's alright, the way she is.......

In the middle of the night.
She can be the starshine.
With a smile that's divine
I know that girl is mine.

If you maybe, meet her on the street,
you won't get to be coy, timid,or discret.
She lives large, loud and on the move,
trust me if you know her, she's got time for you....she's got time for you...

But they just go...On and on and on about the way,....she is...
And all the time they miss out on all,..that she has to give
She's alright, the way she is
Oh yeah she's alright!!...ah the way she is

You can tell them bout that woman that I love her just the way she is...!